Tips on Getting to the Psychology That Sells Beauty Products to Men

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After the first televised presidential debate back in 1960, men around the world were suddenly turned on to the power of beauty products. Opting for au natural for his first ever TV experience, Richard Nixon looked like a washed out politician on the brink of a massive heart attack. This in contrast to the dashing good looks of John F. Kennedy, who smartly enhanced his features with a few dabbles of make-up.

Today’s men in power all rely on the skills of a make up artist and the magic of make up to make sure that they always look their best, especially when on camera. Yet, they are reluctant to admit that they too are dependent on bronzers and blushes to look their very best. Getting to them in this heavily woman dominated can be difficult, and down right impossible if you go about it the wrong way.


Men may not be comfortable with the world knowing they are just as conscious of their looks as women are, but the men’s beauty industry has become a $33 billion around the globe. It is estimated that almost half of all men are now using skin care products that go beyond the basic soap and water that our fathers used. We are talking about things like moisturizers, anti-aging creams, concealers and beard balms.

Many of the most well known high end beauty companies have been manufacturing their products specifically for men for years, but are not heavily marketing them. Even the more affordable brands have gotten on the men’s grooming product band wagon, yet with that same predicament of getting men to know about them without them feeling self conscious.

What is the Key to Getting Men’s Beauty Products to Sell

What successful marketers have figured out is that beauty products for men cannot be marketed as beauty products. Going back to the 1960 Nixon, what the people focused on was how unhealthy he looked, immediately associating the better looks of Kennedy with a healthy candidate who held a better position of power. Men’s make up marketers learned from this, and shift the focus from looking good to looking healthy, emphasizing that good health equates to power. This allows men to feel less shy about taking their time picking and choosing the beard balm that they believe keeps them looking their absolute best.

If you are given the challenge of marketing beauty products for men, focus on making the entire theme completely masculine, from the name to the imagery. Disguised as a super macho product, you should be able to sell any beauty item to a man.

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Best Marketing Ideas: Blogs!

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Marketing is business which is most successful today.  In order to be a good marketing, you have to be good at many other disciplines to.  You have to be able to use the desires and needs of people in order to promote your business, and be successful at it.  There are many marketing ideas which can help you develop your business, but what seems to be the most inexpensive and the best idea at the moment is creating a blog, or blogs and work on them daily.

Here are the things you should have in mind when using blogs to contribute to your business success.

1. SEO

SEO, or System Engine Optimization, is the reason why you are creating blogs in the first place.  If you want to have better results which search, such as searches from Google search engine, you should work on different blogs which will promote you and your business.  With system engine optimization you will be able to put yourself and your results on the top of the list so that once someone searches the name of your brand or your business or anything related to your business, your blog pages will pop up first.



Comments on your blogs are immensely important.  Mainly because these comments will bring you more popularity with your blog among the Internet community.  Make sure that you inform all your friends to comment on your blogs, and to leave positive comments.  You will record significant success if you just pay attention to writing some comments which will allow true and valuable feedback to your readers.

3. Posting Frequency

resource-post-frequency If you have decided to keep a blog you should not neglect it. Make sure you publish articles, frequently and keep your blog alive. If you fail to do so, all the positive effects which your blog might have will fall into water. Make sure you publish articles, and also it is a good strategy to have guests who will write guest articles. This will allow your readers to experience new things in the blog world and find out about new bloggers. Keep your mind broad and open when it comes to writing a blog. Also, some of your guest writers might call you to write articles for their blogs, and this is an opportunity which you should never refuse or decline.

4. Information

canstock26533387Gathering valuable pieces of information will surely help you when it comes to writing a blog in order to promote your business.  Having the information of how successful your blog is will let you nowwhich course of action you should take next.  It will tell you the next correct move for you to take in order to promote your business.  Make use of the blogs in every sense of the way, since they can help your business tremendously.


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