Online Dating

Online dating seemed to suddenly become something of an obscurity to a popular trend within the blink of an eye and so today, unlike when the first one or two dating sites first came online, there are dozens of sites now available to join and the sites vary greatly. Although there are now a wide variety of sites, there are still some that offer the same thing, for instance there are many dating sites that offer romance whilst there are also dozens of sites that just offer hook-ups for sex without responsibilities.

What differentiates many sites today though is someone’s ethnic background, religion, nationality, age or even sexual persuasion. These latter sites are OK if you are a member of one of those groups and would like to find someone that also is but for those that are less particular, the larger dating sites like offer a wider selection as they have more members.

Most sites, of which is one, usually require a joining fee to be paid before you can even access the site’s profiles let alone actually arrange a date whilst a few other sites may be free to register. To some people not being able to see any profiles before they have to pay money to join a dating site seems a little unfair and so to appease these people, some sites like offer promotions where a free trial can be enjoyed. A free trial 2017 for instance will allow you to access the site, free of charge for perhaps 3 days and during that time you will be able to view as many profiles as you wish.

This trial though will not usually allow you to contact any one of the people whose profiles you like; you will still have to pay a joining fee before that can happen. However, this free trial will have allowed you to ensure that there are profiles you will be interested in if you do decide to join.

What these dating sites do is ask you questions about yourself and the type of person you would like to meet and then recommend members that match those answers. Some dating sites though ask very few questions and instead just offer you profiles of people that fit your age and sex requests.

On the other hand though, some sites like ask a lot of questions, claiming that the more questions they ask the better they are placed to match you with someone that you will be compatible with. is a site that although asking more than just one or two questions, does not burden the member with endless questions and so relies on the members to find their own matches by looking through a longer list of recommendations.

However many questions you feel comfortable about answering, there will always be a dating site that matches that number but as to whether or not you find a perfect match on that site is another matter.